Organization Goals

Organization Goals 2017-03-14T15:13:11+00:00

Building upon our foundation and acting to fulfill our organization mission, Inner Peace Movement International aims to accomplish the following goals and targets:

I. Inspire 10,000 new spiritual searchers (attendance at orientation lectures)

II. Plan, organize and present events with IPMI and Alliance members to attract 500 new trained leaders/members.

o Present team-oriented creative regional workshops twice annually and plan at least quarterly IPMI-presented state workshops, mini-camps, and/or psychic /healing arts fairs

o Organize IPMI speakers to share at community events o Inspire new searchers to invest in their leadership training

o Give opportunity for team practice working with energy, promoting and presenting orientation lectures, and leading groups

III. Plan, organize and offer IPMI services:

1. Leader Support

a. Lectures/Touring (plans, promotion, inspiring teamwork, capturing success, regrouping)

b. Local support (sponsoring 6 priorities)

c. Mentoring leaders (teamwork, methods, resources)

2. Searcher Support (Giving Opportunity) – education, inspiration

3. Structure Support – Guild, Alliances, Public Outreach, Membership

IV. Sponsor technique workshops, mini-courses, and creative involvement in “second night” programs founded by Dr. Coll (3,000 participants)

V. Sponsor step-by-step spiritual growth through Inner Peace Movement and New Spiritual Horizons group work (2,000 enrolled participants)

VI. Inspire trained leaders to share inner communication and guidance skills with 3,000 new searchers (Orientation profiles and Angel Encounter/Connect with Inner Guidance Workshops).