ALC President Address to IPMI’s Annual Meeting: July 4, 2015

Tiger CollFrancisco David Coll, president of ALC, was invited to address the IPMI annual meeting. The highlights of his address is as follows:

First he acknowledges that the Inner Peace Movement brings out the inner leadership of the participant. He also stated that he wanted to talk about 3 things:

1. The flow of donations

2. The association of spiritual leaders and

3. Levels of leadership.

He started his talk with the perspective that in the last few years the population on the planet has increased to more people than ever before and that there is a need for a new equilibrium. There is a reason that so many are here at the same time. Each of us are part of the change or transition. He referred to the 2000 year cycles that occurs and that there is definitely going to be change. Some of the change will be frightening to some people but it will be a catalyst for further searching. He urged the audience to go with their heart’s desire rather than making it a religion or obligation as change occurs. He also stated that he has not felt energy like this since just before the founder, Dr. Francisco Coll passed on in 1999. He states that he knows that he needs to be ready and his sensitivity and guidance has been providing him with discernment.

The challenge is to discern what is you and what not you is. When there is good times, people search. When there is challenging times, people search more. The college, ALC, is looking to turn over more of the opportunities to the contracted instructors. Sensitive people will be alert of the wave early. What is important is to keep your own pivot point.

What is unique to the IPM energy is it is groups of people coming together with like minds. A group committed to cleansing. There is a real value to having a group that is cleansed. As the college takes a step back and puts itself firmly in the training place, there is a need to avoid doing too much for people that they can do for themselves.

The next level of developing an Association of Professional Spiritual leaders. There is also a need to develop more the Sustaining Membership and movement memberships. The more that a person goes through the ranks, the more their leadership is unfolded. We need to come back to the values and benefits of becoming involved. We need to have a something that people come together. Francisco D. Coll stated that the value of a group is recharging and also something to invest in though a clean and clear system of handling donations.

A Professional Spiritual Educators Guild can also move us to the next level. Reminder, IPM BOD used to be the “watch dogs” and guarded the ethics and/or standard of Leadership. The association can inspire the standards to a higher level.

The college is continuing to work on digitizing the materials and will be turning over more to the leadership. It is important to respect and value that we bring together. This is not a cult. Everyone has freedom. Groups of people make sure that your foundation is solid.

You have to work on upping your game in your personal life and in your leadership. Then when the action starts coming, you will be ready. You are ready when you are in action. When in action, your ego has no place and you will feel secure. In this system, if you want something, you have to put energy into it. There is no free lunch!

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