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Inspiring people to master living their unique purpose freely on planet earth with inner peace, inner direction and joy.


Acting to raise the vibration and consciousness on planet earth for greater fairness, abundance, balance and inner freedom; giving people opportunity to grow in consciousness through involvement, teamwork, and sharing high spiritual standards, loyalty to self and service to others. We are groups of people meeting with a high common denominator of Spiritual Freedom as a Way of Life.

IPM International, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization incorporated in Washington, DC. June 8, 2001. Donations to Inner Peace Movement International are tax-exempt based on its federal designation under I.R.S. Code 501 c 3.

Inner Peace Movement International Activities

  • Sponsors Inner Peace Movement® programs and other programs and services founded by Dr. Francisco Coll.
  • Presents programs, workshops, retreats, training, speakers’ bureaus and content of its own, as related to its mission.


Dr. Francisco Coll

Dr. Francisco Coll

IPM International, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization incorporated in Washington, DC. June 8, 2001. IPMI was born in 2001 to fill a need after the death of its founder in 1999.

The Inner Peace Movement® program was founded in 1964 by Dr. Francisco Coll. Francisco Coll was an exceptional man in an exceptional time. Spanning the last half of the twentieth century, his pioneering work in the unfoldment of spiritual awareness and development of spiritual science helped fuel a planet-wide mass expansion of consciousness.

Many of those who had the sensitivity to meet him would tell you: “There was something about Francisco.”  That indefinable something was a manifest peace, an acceptance of self and others, a piercing insight, a beneficence packed in a dynamo of directed energy.

For many decades before he departed the physical world in 1999, Dr. Coll was widely considered to be a pre-eminent leader in the field of enhanced awareness whose wisdom transcended time and space and resonated deeply with people from every walk of life, of every age, gender, color, and persuasion.  His genius was the ability to organize and sophisticate specific tools and techniques that enabled those looking for more insight into life to experience both a more fundamental communication with themselves and a more harmonious relationship with the greater cosmos.