Uniform Branding and Web Solutions for ALC Certified Consultants and Instructors.

IPMI intends to sponsor web sites for leaders offering consistent ALC programs.

Inner Peace Movement International will help you build your community program site, host it, and set it up so you can add, remove and edit your own content. View the sample site (still very much under construction).

The Inner Peace Movement Groups site worked well for IPM Programs but our leadership needs more flexibility. The leadership presents, Astro Soul, PMM, GET, PCC and IPM and need a site that supports that flexibility while maintaining a direct connection to ALC and ALCWorld.com.

The Groups site is dependent on another person uploading your program information. The new site will be similar in function to the Inner Peace Movement Groups site BUT it will have the additional functionality of enabling you edit your page.

You can update content, add images, links … everything you need to have a professional web presence for your programs in your community.

Each site will have a similar branding – ALC Spiritual Development College – your location. This site is Chesapeake Region, but that line can change to suit your location.

logo-lv logo-nzlogo-empire




When we brand ourselves for who we are we separate ourselves from the the world of  “psychics, life-coaches and spiritualists.”

Our unique competencies are:

1 – Our immense library
2 – Techniques that work
3 – Our professional training and ethics
4 – Our international presence; we are a huge team, “You are not alone.”

The site is fully responsive and retina-display ready … in other words, it is state of the art and fully compliant with the current search engine criteria.

Please explore this site and share your thoughts and ideas … this is a team effort and we need your input.

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