New President, IPMI

ipmi_expansionbanner_10000_version2 (3)I am totally jazzed, inspired by, and committed to the IPMI Expansion envisioned by Directors and Alliance leaders at the July 4 Annual Meeting. Teams are gathering to RE-IGNITE THE FIRE of spiritual freedom, loyalty and inner leadership as a way of life on planet earth. IPMI is reawakening as a lead organization to outreach to searchers who are hungry for spiritual solutions and ways of unfolding their purpose.

Stay tuned for announcements of the thrust to reach 10,000 new searchers in the USA by December 2017. There is opportunity for all of us to reach within and share the message and tools we have learned and applied in our own lives. It is time to invest ourselves in our continued spiritual growth and REACHING THE STARS OF TOMORROW!

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