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If you want to associate with clear, concerned and ethical spiritual people, and receive more spiritual backing, you are invited to support the mission of this organization by:

IPMI Member  Levels

The IPM International, Inc. Board of Directors in May 2017 considered and adopted four levels of IPMI membership. Practice of spiritual tools for effective living is IPMI’s distinctive service as a nonprofit organization, giving opportunity to anyone desiring to find and fulfill their purpose and refine their inner communication through involvement.

Each IPMI membership level, from Participating Member (Level One) to Level Four, have the following membership details:

  • Vibration/Qualities for the membership level
  • Opportunities for Involvement
  • Pre-requisites and Member Benefits

Membership offers individuals a fulfilling path of education and opportunities for personal growth and service to others.

Take a look at the member levels; see where you fit, and please join! You can immediately become a Participating Member. If you are already a Participating member, you can now apply at the level fitting your experience. Contact support@ipminternational for an application form.

Becoming Participating Member

Participating Members are actively involved in group work or other IPMI sponsored and presented programs and demonstrate continuing study in the area of spiritual growth/leadership.  Members receive notice of programs, IPMI communications, publications, and opportunities for involvement.

The annual dues for Participating Membership is $25.

Become a Participating member

Applying to become a Director

A Participating Member in good standing may apply to be a Director. Additional qualifications to become a Director are described in the IPMI By-laws as follows:

A Director is one who offers their time and energy for the good of the organization including committee participation, public lecturing and expansion of programs, fundraising, and leading by example in the community.

Directors make a pledge and payment over the course of a year. Elected by the Directors then in office, a new Director commences their term at the adjournment of the meeting in which they are elected, and upon making a pledge and payment (over the course of a year). The annual pledge for Directors is $365 per year up to age 63, after which the annual pledge is $182.50. Participating Membership is included for a Director in good standing.

Making a Tax-deductible Donation

You can assist Inner Peace Movement International to reach people in communities across the USA and around the world with tools for purposeful, inner-directed and joyful living via public service announcements, community education, social media, program sponsorship, mentoring and scholarships.  Make your donation today!

IPM International, Inc. is a federally tax-exempt 501 c 3 nonprofit educational organization that is supported by membership dues and donations as well as nominal presentation fees.  Unrestricted income is utilized in support of IPMI’s Mission, Vision and Goals in the areas of public outreach, promotion, and communications; sponsorship, scholarship; research and program development; needed facilities, equipment and administration. For more information on IPMI financial policies contact