A Call to Spiritual Action

Beginning October 1 for the 2 next weeks, spiritual leaders, seekers and wayshowers are called on to unite in a cleansing project focused on the United States, especially Las Vegas, Nevada and the southern US including Puerto Rico.  When: 10 am and 10 pm ET  Why: Spiritual cleansing is needed to heal, raise the frequency and balance the vibrations in environments most affected by recent changes.

John Shortell of Melbourne VIC, Australia, began an IPMI-sponsored lecture tour across the USA in August. He has worked with local spiritual leaders to offer M&U presentations and workshops in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, Oregon; and he will wrap-up his lectures in New Mexico October 3rd. Only Hurricane Irma interrupted his flow; he was unable to travel to Florida in September.  John also has offered advanced courses for leaders in New Jersey, Virginia and Oregon. His final advanced courses re: the Evolution of the Soul will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada October 5,6,7,8.

“Spiritual Awakening & Understanding the Changes in Our Lives” has been John Shortell’s theme for reaching the public. These themes are timely, addressing widespread global change and the most recent changes in hurricane-torn areas of the U.S. as well as the sudden changes brought on by human confusion last night in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Finding and maintaining a spiritual big picture, practicing inner communication and balance, raising energy levels and regrouping with guidance are needed now more than ever.

Thanks to John Shortell for his comprehensive, timely and inspiring service on his first American tour! His example is a call to action for all of us to Live our Purpose and Ignite Spiritual Freedom.

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